Paul and Larry enter a pub...

Paul and Larry enter a pub, see a sweet-looking girl sitting at a table with no drink

Paul sits across the girl

She looks up

Paul smiles and says

— Hey there, what's your name?

— Fuck off loser!

Paul doesn't miss a beat to respond (even though he's internally appalled by the girl's utter lack of social skills)

— Great to meet you "Fookoff"! I'm "Not Impressed" and this here is my friend...

Paul looks at Larry who follows along just as easily, keeping the best poker face a man could muster

— "Equally Underwhelmed"

Paul chuckles at his companion's ability to keep up and continues

— Since we're being friendly here, "Fookoff", let me get you a tall lesson on manners, on me; excuse me — addressing a passing-by waitress — what's your name?

With a smile just as wide as Paul's, the waitress answers pointing casually at her name badge

— Ana

— Of course. Hi Ana! I'm Paul, this is Larry, and this here is our newly made acquaintance "Fookoff"; I know, exotic isn't it?!... we're about to leave "Fookoff" to herself. Would you be so kind as to accompany us to our table and take our order there?

— For sure, Paul

— Thanks, Ana — to Fookoff, who's red in anger and disbelief — you can totally share what just happened with your friends on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #ThatAwkwardMomentWhenTheWaitressAtMyLocalPubHasBetterMannersThanMe

Paul gets off the table and offers his arm to Ana

Ana obliges and they walk away

Larry leans toward Fookoff and whispers

— #Burn

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